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About Abeam Contracting

Abeam Contracting Inc. is a family owned and operated business founded by Stan and Klara Sedlacek. Stan brings over 15 years of expertise. Abeam grew from husband and wife operation via word-of-mouth into a multi-crew company. Stan’s work ethics, quality control and professional drive enabled ABEAM to establish itself as a trusted and preferred company among property managers and self-managed strata.

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  • Stan Sedlacek
    Stan Sedlacek Project Manager
  • Klara Sedlacek
    Klara Sedlacek Sales

Our story

Stan and Klara came to North America from Europe to fulfill their dreams. They started cleaning floors in a supermarket chain store and worked their way up. Stan applied his passion and talent for carpentry and Klara finished university while on an athletic scholarship. They now form a passionate team that values quality work and honesty. They surround themselves with professionals who share their values and strive toward achieving their own professional and personal goals.

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